NV. dongle

NV. dongle


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NV. Dongle

Home PC? Onboard PC? Office PC? No Problem! Since 2008 you may activate nv.digital charts independent from your PC by using the nv.dongle.
This is very convenient, because you need just one registration per CD and may use them on as many PC’s as you want.
How does the nv.dongle work?
It’s very simple: The nv.dongle looks like an USB flash drive. You must insert it while installing a new chart CD – for example on your online home PC. The activation will then be saved on the dongle. The dongle works like a key. It has to be inserted while starting your navigation software. Afterwards you may remove it. In practice you may use the nv.digital charts also without a dongle. In this case the registration will be saved on the PC. But every CD can be activated only two times. That means, if you want to register your charts a third time, which would be necessary after reinstallation of your operating system, it will not be possible without the dongle. Further information: Up to 50 chart CD’s can be registered on one nv.dongle.
The dongle works only with nv.digital charts 2008 - Today editions. It is not compatible with older chart edtions.